Sunday, February 15, 2009

My First Official Assignment Using a Nikon D3

OK.  It's not technically my first assignment using a Nikon D3.  That honor belongs to the 2007 World Series between the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox.  And again in August of 2008 our staff was loaned D3s by Nikon.  My first assignment was photographing the Democratic National Convention in Denver with that round of D3s.  When we had to give them back in October my lower lip was quivering.  You had to pry my arms away.
Well, now we each have a D3 for real and today I shot my first offocial assignment at the Penrose Library in downtown Colorado Springs.  Nothing terribly exciting.  It was a juggling class.  On either side of the room were walls of windows.  I started to get worried.  Either way, because of the direction they were teaching the class, the photos were going to be blown out by the light coming in from the windows.  And on top of that the interior light was goofy.  It was just a mess.
I shot most of the assignment at about 1600 ISO and needless to say was incredibly impressed with how the D3 handled the situation.
In the past I may have whimpered back into the newsroom with my tail between my legs if I was using a Nikon D2H or a D2Hs.   


gate valves said...

amazing shots! how i wish i have a D3

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