Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conner Stevens Athlete of the Week Photo Shoot

I didn't want to shoot Conner in the studio today.  I was looking for something different.  The last three athletes of the week have been photographed in the studio and it was starting to feel stagnant.  At the same time it's more challenging to shoot these kids on a Sunday because, well, it's Sunday and it doesn't always work out because of their plans. 
Before we switched to Sunday for Monday's paper we had been arranging the photo shoot on Monday for Tuesday's paper.  That made it easier because you could catch the athletes at their school.  Now it can be a scramble and it's harder to arrange to meet at the school because it's closed on Sunday's.
So we've been having them come down to the paper to do the shoot in the studio.
Today I wandered the building for about 30 minutes and then I decided to head to the bowels of the newspaper and take a look around down there.  I loved it.  I decided to do the shoot in the basement dock area where the printing press is and stacks of one and half ton paper rolls by the dozens sit.
The dock is loud, spooky, hot and smells like ink.  But it was different and I think it could look pretty good.  At least more original that the studio. 
After a few electrical problems we got under way.  I used two lights and attached a green gel to one, complimenting his schools color.  I just let Conner Stevens be himself and we made some good images that I think reflected the Pine Creek wrestler's personality.

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