Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Return of the...I'm not sure yet

Welcome back!  After a few years of laziness, the blog is re-resurrected.  I want to thank you for taking about 30 seconds of your day to visit.  Today, is the launch of my new website I was a full-time staff photographer for The Gazette in Colorado Springs until recently.  As of today I am officially self-empployed.
One aspect of photography I am planning on becoming engulfed in is portraits and weddings.  So don't be shy asking.

 I have photographed weddings in the past so I am not a complete newbie.

Please check out the website!
One of the links you will see is the 2010 Athletes of the Year.  It is my attempt to combine my creative forces to honor several outstanding high school athletes.  My theme was: Classic kids/classic albums.

 How can you not like that idea?
Anyway, I chose several classic album covers and photographed each athlete to match up best each album.  If you can guess all albums I will photograph your dog or cat for free!

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